Bandiera-Italiana-TricoloreMonica BORDO


This name has not been chosen by me. It came during my first vacation by myself. It was only me, my backpack  and of course my camera.

I went to a WWF campus in Sicily, in the wonderful and small Linosa Island. I attended photograpy classes with master Salvo Veneziano. The other participants gave me the nickname ‘PRESS’, because there was no place I went without my personal camera CanonEOS50D.

Back home, in order to remain in contact with the people I met, I registered an email account with the most appropriate name for me: MONICAPRESS

It was the year 2003

I took my first photos, or it would be better to say my first slides, when I was just a child with my old father’s camera. Digital cameras will arrive later in the years and my school was made by rolls, where each picture needed to be thought and imagined before.

I studied arts at the 1st Artistic School Hajech in Milan. Loving arts in their multiple expressions, I invested all my energies playing drums with different bands of the milanese surroundings for almost 15 years.Monica_Batteria BORDO

With the Peanuts band ( I got my real first satisfactions. Concerts, competitions and Radio too.

In more than 10 years spent toghether, we have played in many important venues like the Rolling Stone, the Transilvania Live and the popular Bar Magenta in Milan.  Kristal Radio, Radio Hinterland and Radio Super Lecco are some of the radios which played our songs.

Monica_MusicVillage BORDO


Meanwhile, another big passion of mine was growing: love for the Sea. It could probably be linked to my sardinian origines, but my life could not exist without the deep and constant relationship with the water element. I became dive instructor in 2011 thanks to Sesto Continente School Dive support.

In 2014 my office job became too tight and I left the deck to undertake new Monica_Tonni BORDOadventures in the green lands of Ireland.

This is more or less my life as of today, I have chosen not to say anything about what I feel when I’m taking photos…. if you wish to feel the same emotion I do, you can have a look at my pictures.